Custom Programs


N.A.T.A. has build several programs to fit the specific needs of some state towing associations, motor clubs, and individual companies.

Our TRAA Prep Program was designed to help state associations who partner with TRAA and offer their members Level I and Level II certification testing. In one case, an association had only a 53% passing rate for Level I. Following our TRAA prep training, the percentage of students who passed was raised to 84%. This program has been sponsored by state associations in Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Arizona, and Louisiana. The association may elect to offer the N.A.T.A. certification testing along with TRAA's.

Our Motor Club Training and Certification Program delivers the original 2-day training and hands-on, but emphasizes towing, light-service, and customer service skills, intended to raised customer satisfaction scores.

Martin Petroleum primarily uses flatbeds to recover and transport disabled and wrecked vehicles on Florida's Turnpike. N.A.T.A. built a program that not only emphasized the use of flatbeds but broke the training down into basic skills for new employees and advanced skills for longer term employees.

Whatever your needs in light and medium-duty towing and recovery, North American Towing Academy can help fill them. We deliver a professional program, designed to develop a more professional operator. The only product we sell is SAFETY.